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The market for used machinery in India is increasing and keeps growing exponentially. India is undoubtedly an emerging economy and also the requirement for used machinery to own small-, mid-, and large-sized businesses has seen a doubling from the market size by 50 percent years from 2008 to 2009.

Going from the current rate of growth, India might just become the world’s fifth largest consumer market in another 20 years with a consumer spend in close proximity to $2 trillion. India happens to be a strong base for low-cost manufacturing and plenty of these items are exported. This information observed in content of used plastic machinery ensures that the requirement for economically produced plastic goods will drive the used plastic machinery market in this field.

Talking of plastics specifically, India has got the potential to end up being the export hub for processed plastic goods, mainly because of low manufacturing costs. Reports indicate that export of finished goods from India could reach $ 200 billion by 2012 along with the estimated market of $ 300 billion. This is the simple answer why a lot of foreign players including us want on purchasing the Indian market. Further, many joint ventures are hoped for to take place within the Indian plastics processing sector. This is the reason foreign players within the used machinery segment want to enter the Indian market.

However; order conversion ratios can actually be better. Also, currently there seems to be a feeling of associating used machinery with cheap machinery. This is not always true. The processing units in India put a great deal of emphasis on cost-effective purchases. Because the valuation on transporting machinery from Europe to India boosts the cost, many deals can fall through as a result. This is seen more within the case of small machinery. Interestingly, inside case of larger machinery, the technological important things about European machinery outweigh the transportation costs and businesses in India haven’t any issues in importing such machinery.

All things considered, if buyers from India are going to benefit from European technology and profit the plastics manufacturing sector in India reach its potential, plus there is a need to adopt a balanced view regarding the expense of a machine and it is benefits.

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