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According to reports published because of the United States Federal Government, from the mid-1980s, trafficking of child-pornography in the United States was nearly eradicated through successful campaigns by federal and state authorities.

In the 1980’s, producing child pornography was difficult and expensive, however, with all the advent of computers plus the internet, child pornography is now easier to acquire, reproduce and store.

Digital cameras as well as the ease by which images and flicks can be posted online, coupled with a world wide web without any borders, has created it easy for distributors and collectors of child pornography to search for the illegal photographs and videos. Although everyone’s some knowledge regarding the vast amount of pornography located on-line, The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children has estimated that 20% of the internet pornography involves children.

Legally speaking, 20% with the pornography located online is illegal to possess from the United States.

As a result on the increase inside availability of child-pornography, federal and state convictions for crimes linked to child-pornography has risen. Recently, the United States Department of Justice announced a national strategy for eliminating child pornography. The effort includes nationalized databases allowing states to share with you information and also the hiring of 38 assistant U.S. Attorneys through the United States to prosecute child pornography crimes.

A person must merely open a newspaper or watch those great tv to find a news article or picture of an person whose name and reputation is ruined by state or federal charges associated with possession of child pornography.

Instead of emphasizing the people producing child pornography, efforts have shifted and law enforcement officials is now targeting people that possess child pornography. In order to help prosecute regular citizens, the government has partnered with search engines to locate people looking for, downloading and possessing child pornography.

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