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Is the economy slow? I hadn’t really noticed. Okay, making sure that may be an exaggeration – however the point is I haven’t allow it get to me, above all I’ve did not agree using the “fact” that each one businesses are hurting due to economy.

It’s easy to say “There’s nothing I can do, it does not take economy.”

But as usual, the simplest way is not the easiest way. The easy move to make would have been to withdraw, get smaller, cut jobs and blame it about the economy. No one can have judged me poorly. Some could have even commented on which a shrewd businesswoman I was in making the hard decisions. I disagree with him or her, current “fact” that there are nothing I can do.

The economy is simply factor to consider when planning your growth strategies – the same as all the other factors you should consider and plan with. This is the time when you should dig deep. You have to keep working harder, and you must find the issues you can control, and delineate what we cannot. Once delineated, you’ll be able to figure out the right path around those barriers. You have to get creative. You have to so something with plans that haven’t materialized. These things will provide you with control over the course of profits, even just in the current economy.

You can’t say you weren’t warned. The year ahead could possibly be a bit dicey, there is however absolutely no reason why you’ll be able to’t still show growth. Start by making plans for 2009. Plan to do tough thing, the appropriate thing, and win control. There is no greater reward than succeeding while proving the nay-sayers wrong!

If you’ve not noticed, I’ve been hammering inside fact that you should plan for the New Year rather than let the economy see whether your company grows you aren’t.

I am not suggesting which you put your fingers with your ears and yell “La! La! La!” near the top of your lungs, the entire time pretending there’s nothing wrong with all the economy. What I am suggesting is you not allow the external force from the economy become the perfect excuse to fail!

So, guess what happens? You are 100% liable for the future of your small business. Yikes! If you really consider what which means, it puts YOU within the hot seat. Don’t spend your energy whining concerning the economy! DO something about it.

Quick story in regards to buddy of mine who’s a “Lemon” lawyer… he basically represents people that wound up purchasing a lemon of the car. Well, an undesirable economy means fewer car sales, this means fewer lemons, which inturn means less business for him! What did he do? He hired some attorneys that are experts creditor harassment suits. He put a subscriber list marketing campaign constantly in place with TV ads, direct mail – the works! He is so pumped up about 2009 and is also predicting his best year ever!

So, what else could you do how to counteract the media hype of doom and gloom?

1. Get Perspective: Take a couple of days and get from your office to ensure that you can go on a panoramic, objective view of your small business and your industry.

2. Research: During those 7 days, get those wits wrapped around what’s occurring within your industry regarding your competitors.

3. Set Goals: Where do your numbers ought to be? Break down your earnings needs. Not just everything you need yearly or quarterly, but whatever you need to make on average on a regular basis in order to make your targets.

4. Implement: We’ve all had ideas which were brushed aside inside the fray. Find those ideas and find out which ones ought to be implemented to solidify the sales.

5. Get Advice: Reach out for sources where you are able to learn and have your questions answered. It’s possible that as being a business owner you have never been through this before, and calling those who have is usually a real help.

In the final, regardless of what the economy is performing, it’s up to you to plan ahead to make the right selections for success. Start 2009 off right so you won’t regret it.

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