Draft Non-Competition Agreements

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A Non-Competition Agreement, generally known as a Covenant Not to Compete or perhaps “NCA”, is often a promise by a staff member not to take on his or her employer for any specified period of time inside of a particular geographical territory. A Non-Competition Agreement can be a separate contract that always accompanies and is also executed simultaneously having an employment agreement.

A Non-Competition Agreement have to be reasonable for being valid and enforceable. It is enforceable in the event the employer proves it possesses a legitimate business interest to shield by restricting its employees’ to compete, in the event the restriction around the employee’s to certainly compete isn’t a greater than that necessary to safeguard the employer’s business interest, and in the event the covenant is based on consideration, and therefore the employee received something so they could earn it.

Important provisions that has to be drafted to a Non-Competition Agreement address these issues:

1. Confidential Trade Secrets. The employee must agree that every confidential trade secrets, that may include pricing information, sales materials, customer lists, and marketing plans, and information concerning the contracts with customers, will never be disclosed or found in any manner at all or purpose, apart from for the purpose of promoting their business.

2. Non-Compete During Employment. During the term in the agreement, the worker should agree to not engage, either directly or indirectly, in owning, managing or perhaps any other way working on behalf of one other company that sells or markets a similar or similar services or products offered by this company or its affiliates.

3. Non-Compete Upon Termination of Employment. The employer must agree that for the specified period in the date of termination, and inside a specified territorial scope, the staff member will not directly or indirectly solicit or sell to anyone on behalf of himself and other firm services or products offered by company. This time period and geographical territory has to be reasonable in scope to achieve you can actually legitimate business interest.

4. Remedies. The agreement should include a remedies provision whereby the worker must agree which he understands that a breach in the agreement could potentially cause “irreparable injury” to the organization and that monetary damage would possibly not provide an adequate remedy. The company will thus desire to reserve the straight away to seek equitable remedies like injunctive relief.

General provisions addressing governing law, severability, and assignment should also be included. Most importantly, the agreement must disclose the length and geographical scope of the worker’s promise to not compete with his employer, and it’s critical why these provisions be reasonable and needed to achieve the employer’s legitimate business interest.

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