Barack Obama Is A Better Network Marketer Than You. Learn From Him!

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If you’re not achieving the success in network marketing you were hoping for; then you better read this… Barack Obama is one of the greatest network marketers out there! Period. And I’ll prove it to you. If he were in your opportunity he’d be a top money earner, the best presenter, and someone everybody wants to work with. He’d have the largest downline by far. Why? Because he has built himself into the type of leader than people WANT to work with; he speaks with so much passion about his work that he brings people to tears; and he knows how to properly recruit and build himself a championship team. All the things you should be doing to build your business properly. Do you see where I’m going with this? When I first started out in network marketing, I was desperate. Sponsoring everyone from lazy friends, to relatives who had no interest in learning how to be successful in this industry. I was the complete opposite of what Obama is today. I was not the type of person prospects wanted to work work (prospects actually wouldn’t return my phone calls); I did not speak about my opportunity with passion or conviction, and I built a team of lazy friends and relatives that quit when they didn’t see immediate results. Life was hard. But do think Obama ever has to beg people to work with him on his projects? Do you think he ever has to “sell” his opportunity to anyone. Heck No! He doesn’t have to. Instead of working hard on selling his opportunity he has worked hard on developing himself; attracting people to him. He speaks with so much passion that you don’t even care what he’s talking about; you just listen because you feel you HAVE to. Even further, he built an amazingly motivated team that the got the word out about his work. And he wouldn’t just work with any lazy old person – he was very picky. What a winning combination!!! Network marketers – YOU NEED TO LEARN FROM OBAMA!!! And if you think you’ll ever be really successful in network marketing any other way – then think again. Think of all the top recruiters and money earners in your opportunity right now. Go ahead…think of some names. I’ll bet my entire downline that all of them are amazing leaders that have great energy, lots of passion, and highly motivated teams. here’s where I’m going with this. ANYBODY can build him or herself into a great leader like Barack Obama and all those top people in your opportunity. It’s not hard – you just have to pick up and do it. It only takes a moment (like RIGHT NOW) to decide that you’re tired of working with lazy friends; and that you want to build yourself into a leader that people WANT to work with. You can change your the future of your business in 30 seconds or less… There’s lots of great material out there on leadership development in network marketing but here’s the one I recommend above all (and trust me, I’ve read a heck of a lot). (copy and paste the link into your browser) The material is free to access and I can promise that you’ll thank yourself for taking the time implement it. Thanks to this guide my business has totally turned around for the better (thank goodness). And I’m sponsoring more reps than ever (the way it should be). It’s really helped me out and I’m sure it’ll help build your business too. Here’s to your success, Chuk.

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