I Am in Charge of the Bachelor Party

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It was not my idea, but right now I have neither a wife or a girlfriend and so if I get caught hiring las vegas escorts there are not many repercussions. In fact it looks a lot like Tim’s partner has thought this sort of thing out. They gave me a credit card with the name of an interior decoration company on it. I asked them what sort of company it was and how come they had the plastic. It seems from what he would say that he had set up a shell company in Delaware with no other purpose than to hide the sort of expenses that his wife or her lawyer might get upset by. You know someone is not on the level when they have made that sort of preparations to hide their tracks. Of course I would worry about the IRS if it was anything to do with me, because he laughed and said that he was going to write it all of his company taxes.

I did not really know what I was doing, although I have rented hotel rooms and I have gotten liquor and beer many times. It is apparently not really possible to get escorts on the cheap though and I had to call a meeting. These guys were not going to discuss any of this stuff on the phone and when I showed them their options none of them seemed to be all that surprised by the cost of it. At any rate I used up nearly every cent on that credit card, some of it for my own needs. I did not figure that any of them were going to begrudge me a couple of beers or dinner out with the girl from the cafe down the street from the office.

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