Month: March 2022

Investment with an Air of Care

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The gold mining shares that I gained in the last few months have been a big hit. It’s a good thing that I got into investing when I did, or I would have missed out on some decent profits. I started investing because a friend of mine was thinking about ways to make more money through a somewhat passive method, and the idea of investing was brought up. It made perfect sense, because once we invested in something, it wouldn’t take much work to monitor it and adjust our investment accordingly. This was a contrast to the more active role of making money that we did at our jobs.

Our initial thought was to go straight to all of the big tech companies and buy stock in them, but the prices of those stocks were a little too high for us as beginning investors, so we looked for companies that would offer lower share prices, and that’s when we found the gold mining companies. These companies were able to mine gold from the ground for profit, and we wanted in on it. We weren’t expecting our investments to just blow up overnight and turn us into instant millionaires, but we did figure that with enough time, we would be able to do well.

My friend and I have been talking since our initial investment in the mining shares, and we think that it would be best if we take our investment attempts to the next level. We’d be doing ourselves a disservice by simply ignoring the rest of the market, so we’re going to do some research and think long and hard about what would be the next step that we can take. If we play our cards right, we’ll be able to make twice as much as we did with the mining companies.

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