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Well said! However I believe the US will split up eventually. I don’t assume that the Blue States will tolerate a Federal Government that will not represent the interests of the citizens and is particularly run with a minority government.

Will or not it’s bloody – perhaps. I would hope specifically a negotiated settlement dependant on corporate and elite economic interests. Our military must climb onto the sidelines. It is there to shield our international interests.

Trump will go down of all time as the President who started making use of towards the break-up on the Republic. It was a better plan for the eighteenth, nineteenth centuries, but times have changed, therefore must America if we’re to remain viable and strong.

I sooo want to see a European Union type arrangement for that 50 states. There is no way that rich blue states accept the faith-based cultural mores of any small area of our population being imposed with them in the long term. Let them eat their unique cake I say and choke onto it. We’ll have ours. Vive La Revolution.

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