Month: September 2020

Top Three Ways to Effectively Engage B2B Prospects

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According to a survey from Constant Contact, among small businesses, marketing tactics such as email, websites, in-person interaction, and social media are viewed as most effective. It is imperative for companies to come up with website engagement strategies that are innovative and relevant at the same time. Whatever marketing tactic is chosen, it must be tailored to suit one’s company objectives and prospect’s interest as well. Social Media Social media marketing tactics are primarily used to keep online visitors and social media followers updated and aware of the brand and the company. Most social media engagement tactics involve participative activities through customized and focussed campaigns. These activities are aimed at encouraging new prospects and existing customers to view, read, comment and share with others. This “word-of-mouth” strategy helps to add new online visitors and gives opportunity to engage the existing ones as well. Social media campaigns can be automated through marketing automation software which can be used to measure success as well. Search Engine Optimization – SEO No marketing tactic is complete without SEO, because 90% of all visits to company web pages originate from search engines. Being on the first results page may not guarantee a hit but it surely guarantees visibility. Some of the top SEO activities include article writing, keyword optimization and SERP rank tracking. Marketers can choose to use Search Engine Optimization Tools to efficiently and effectively carry out the SEO process. Content Curation Content is the key bait that is used to engage and sustain interest in the company’s offering. Since every website visitor needs personalized attention, irrespective of whether or not he is going to do business, personalizing website content is highly imperative. Marketers need to showcase only relevant content in order to make sure that the visitor is constantly kept engaged. Suppose the prospect is identified to be in the awareness stage, sharing eBooks will help him understand how the product or solution will benefit him. If the prospect is at the trial stage, activities such as sharing demos or free trials should be carried out. This also means online visitors are able to choose from a variety of content that is displayed on the website. Personalized content may include videos, tutorials, e-books, newsletters, thought leadership content, case studies, success stories, offerings, landing pages, and so on. Marketing automation solutions can be used to automate email scheduling for email marketing campaigns and content sharing activities.

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