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Karel is an educational programming language for beginners, created by Richard E. Pattis in his book Karel The Robot: A Gentle Introduction to the Art of Programming. Pattis used the language in his courses at Stanford University, California. The language is named after Karel Čapek, a Czech writer who introduced the word robot. [citation needed] A Karel-inspired language and environment called Robot Emil[2] uses a 3D view of the robot`s world. Robot Emil offers a large palette of objects that can be placed to depict walls, windows (transparency), water and grass. The camera may be moved freely throughout the 3D environment. The robot may be controlled interactively with buttons in the GUI, or by programs written in Emil`s Karel-like programming language. The author states that the program is free for use by schools, students and children. Versions are available in English, Czech and Slovak. A program in Karel is used to control a simple robot named Karel that lives in an environment consisting of a grid of streets (left-right) and avenues (up-down). Karel understands five basic instructions: move (Karel moves by one square in the direction he is facing), turnLeft (Karel turns 90 ° left), putBeeper (Karel puts a beeper on the square he is standing at), pickBeeper (Karel lifts a beeper off the square he is standing at), and turnoff (Karel switches himself off, the program ends).

Karel can also perform boolean queries about his immediate environment, asking whether there is a beeper where he is standing, whether there are barriers next to him, and about the direction he is facing. A programmer can create additional instructions by defining them in terms of the five basic instructions, and by using conditional control flow statements if and while with environment queries, and by using the iterate construct. [citation needed] A proprietary language which is also called Karel is used to program the robots of FANUC Robotics. However, FANUC Karel is derived from Pascal. Der Robot Karol Download stellt eine Programmierumgebung dar, mit der Schüler anhand einer einfachen Programmiersprache und des Roboters Karol Prinzipien der Programmierung und Algorithmen erlernen können. Der Roboter Karol kann als ein Objekt der Klasse ROBOTER betrachtet werden, mit folgender Struktur: Robot Karol is an application / game with which you can start learn programming. Karol hat vordefinierte Methoden mit denen er bestimmte Vorgänge ausführen kann (zum Beispiel „einen Schritt nach vorne gehen“). Eine Anweisungen im Programm bedeutet das Senden einer Botschaft an das Objekt Karol, der mit der zugehörigen Methode darauf reagiert. Eine neue Anweisung in der Sprache Karol festlegen (definieren) heißt, dem Roboter Karol eine neue Methoden beibringen, mit der er auf diese neue Anweisung reagieren kann.